Library Juice Academy

Introduction to Universal Design for Learning.  Designer and instructor.  2019.  Four-week online course for librarians in understanding and utilizing UDL principles in library instruction. (upcoming)

Reference and User Services Association

Introduction to Lesson Planning for the One Shot. Designer and instructor. 2018.  Six-week online course for librarians in developing and implementing a lesson plan.

Johns Hopkins University

Provost Office

Universal Design for Learning.  Co-designer and co-instructor.  2019.  Cohort-based learning experience for the Universal Design for Learning Ambassadors Network, an interdivisional group of representatives learning about and promoting UDL practices on campus.

School of Education

Advanced Studies in Education. Teaching Assistant. 2020 – present.

Technology and the Science of Learning. Embedded Librarian. Master of Science in Education Program. 2017-2018. Designed and facilitated a week-long online, asynchronous session on finding and critically evaluating information. The session prepares educators to find and evaluate information within and outside an academic context.

Year 1 Library Program. Designer, Instructor, Embedded Librarian. Doctor of Education Program. 2015-2018. Co-designed and facilitated curricular-integrated online synchronous sessions supplementing Year 1 of the doctoral program.

Research and Information Literacy for Doctoral Students. Designer and instructor. Doctor of Education Program. 2015-2018. Co-developed and facilitated the online, asynchronous module with embedded assessments, guiding students through the research process. Student learn to define their topics, the scope of their research, develop search strategies, and evaluate information.

Introduction to the JHU Library. Designer and Instructor. Master of Education in the Health Professions Program. 2015-2018. Developed an online, asynchronous module starting students on the transition from medical research to educational research.

Sheridan Libraries

Teaching as Research. Co-designer and co-instructor. Center for Educational Resources. 2016-2018. Subject matter expert and content developer for an online asynchronous course on Teaching as Research for graduate level students. Collaborated on the course with faculty in colleagues across departments and schools.

Online Workshop Series. Co-designer and facilitator. 2015 – 2018. Design and lead various online workshops on information literacy, library, and research skills, open to all JHU affiliates.

Library Teaching and Learning Team. Co-Designer and co-instructor. 2016. Designed, developed and implemented a year-long, hybrid training program for librarians to learn the basics of pedagogy and teaching best practices.

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Harm City? Public Health in Baltimore, 1797 to the present. Embedded Librarian. History of Science and Technology Department. 2018. Designed and facilitated a semester long project on a topic of the history of public health in Baltimore. Through face-to-face and online sessions, guided students throughout the semester in choosing topics, finding and evaluating resources, and presenting information. The final assignment was a traditional annotated bibliography, accompanied by a creative “library guide” showcasing primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Introduction to the Library and Information Literacy for English Language Learners. Global Education Office. 2012-2014. Designed and implement a scaffolded library and research curriculum for the English Language Program. Consisted of three levels of integrated curricular support.