Publications & Writing

Peer Reviewed Publications

Johns, E. & Oestreich, S. (2019). “On the Edge: How to Provide Program-Integrated Library Support without Being Embedded.”  Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning.  doi: 10.1080/1533290X.2018.1499232

Johns, E., Price, C. and Ungaretti, A., (2018). Where in the World is My Librarian?  Creating cross-campus collaborations to seamlessly connect with students when librarians, students, and faculty are in different locations. Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning.  10.1080/1533290X.2018.1499234

Johns, E. (2014). Creating a Colorful Classroom: Bringing Visual Media and Graphics into the Information Literacy Session. Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 19(3-4), 255-269. 10.1080/10875301.2014.984821

Conference Proceedings

Johns, E. and Oestreich, S. (2016). Dread Data no More: Crash Course in Data Visualization for Librarians. Proceedings of the 2016 LOEX Conference: Library Orientation Series No. 49, “Learning from the Past, Building for the Future.” Forthcoming.

Johns, E. (2014). To Infinity and Beyond Videos: Creating a Coordinated Suite of Online Learning Tools that Engage Researchers and Enhance Learning. Proceedings of the 2014 LOEX Conference: Library Orientation Series No. 47, “Creative Visualization: The Art of Information Literacy.” Forthcoming.

Professional Publications

Johns, E. M. Remote control? (2020). American Libraries Magazine. 52(9/10), 57.

Johns, E. (2017). Tech Bits…FlipQuiz. College & Research Libraries News 78(6).

Fong, B., Johns, E. and Rich, B. (2017). Accessibility and Universal Design. Tips and Trends. ACRL Instruction Section, Instructional Technologies Committee, Winter.

Johns, E. and Johnson, D.W. (2017). Beyond crab cakes — Charm City’s culinary culture: Baltimore’s restaurants, breweries, and bars. College & Research Libraries News 78(2), 89-92.

Johns, E. (2017). Tech Bits…Feedly. College & Research Libraries News 78(1), 9.

Johns, E. (2015). Interactive Options in Online Learning. Tips and Trends. ACRL Instruction Section, Instructional Technologies Committee, Fall.

Editorial and Review Service

Reference Services Review

Assistant Editor. 2020 – present. (Contract.)

Editorial Board Member. 2019 – present.

  • Collaborating on the development of a special issue on Anti-Racist Action in Libraries, scheduled for 2022.
  • Collaborated with the Editor and Guest Editors to manage Volume 48 Issue 3, Academic Libraries and the Costs of Higher Education.


Watstein, S. and Johns, E. 2021. With our readers through COVID-19: Crises, recovery, long-tail effects. Reference Services Review 49(1).

Watstein, S. and Johns, E. 2020. “Sorry, the library is closed” and “We’re still here!” Reference Services Review 48(4).

Watstein, S. and Johns, E. 2020. Doing more than tinkering at the margins. Reference Services Review 48(3), 333. doi:10.1108/RSR-08-2020-106

Ad Hoc Reviewer. 2017-2019.


Education and Social Science Reviewer. 2019 – present.

Johns, E. M. (2021, March). Conrad, D. and Prinsloo, P., Eds.: Open(ing) education: theory and practice. CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, 58(7).

Johns, E. M. (2021, January). Jack, Nadira: The pedagogy of consciousness: pathways to education reform for urban youth culture. CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, 58(5).

Johns, E. M. (2020, July). Sortino, David P.: Brain Changers. CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, 57(11).

Practical Academic Librarianship: The International Journal of the SLA Academic Division

Reviewer. 2015 – present.


Peer reviewer for Distributed Learning – Incorporating Online Options into Your Information Literacy Instruction. Chandos Publishing, Oxfordshire, UK. 2015.

American Library Association Library Instruction Round Table Newsletter Committee. 2015. Reviewed and edited submissions for the newsletter.

Peer reviewer for Practical Academic Librarianship: The International Journal of the SLA Academic Division. 2015. Reviewed articles related to technology, teaching, and special collections.

Peer reviewer for The Innovative Library Classroom 2015 conference presentation proposals.

Peer reviewer for a book proposal on distributed learning for online information literacy instruction. Chandos Publishing, Oxfordshire, UK. 2014.

American Library Association New Members Round Table Endnotes Committee. 2013 – 2014.  Reviewed and collaboratively selected submissions of research articles related to library and information science.

Other Publications

Johns, L. (2021). Historical health care heroes: Tri Sigma women as healthcare workers and advocates. The Triangle 21(1).

Johns, L. (2020). Sigmas seizing the opportunity to volunteer: A brief history of Tri sigma Volunteerism. The Triangle 20(1).

Johns, L. (2019). Moments in the Making: Two monumental decisions in Tri Sigma History. The Triangle 19(2).

Johns, L. (2019). The Golden Girls: Celebrations of Golden Violets and Anniversaries from the Beginning. The Triangle 19(1)

Johns, L. (2018). Convention Time Travel: A 100 Year Jump to 1919.  The Triangle 18(2).

Johns, L. (2018). History Rewritten: Revisiting what was lost. The Triangle 18(1).

Johns, L. (2017).  Working Women from the Beginning: Tri Sigma Founders who Built Careers. The Triangle 17(2)

Johns, L. (2017).  Heart Home Transformed: New Convention Exhibition Room in the Mabel Lee Walton House. The Triangle 17(1).

Johns, L. (2016). Sigma Defined, Ever Changing, Ever the Same.  The Triangle 16(2)

Johns, L. (2016). Sisterhood through Song: Over 100 Years of Singing Sigmas. The Triangle, 16(1), 13.

Johns, L.  (2015). Trinkets fit for Tinseltown: Convention Favors that Sparkle and Shine.  The Triangle, 15(1), 7.

Johns, L. (2014). Put it on Paper: Identifying, Organizing and Recording Archival Materials at the Walton House. The Triangle, 14(2), 7.

Johns, L.  (2014). Announcing the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority National Archives.  The Triangle, 14(1), 8.


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