Virginia Commonwealth University


  • Liaison to the Honors College and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, including research programs and institutes.
  • Liaison to the Global Education Office, including international students, study abroad, and a living-learning community. Developed a comprehensive list of library activities to introduce international students to the library, engage them with research, and teach them information literacy skills. Increased the number of information literacy sessions by over 315% in FY13.
  • Lead librarian for online learning and technology support and development, including the development of workshops and consultations with librarians to create online learning tools. Developed a set of best practices for librarians to follow when creating videos, and other tools such as hover maps, infographics, and games. With two other librarians, managed LibGuides, collaboratively developed a set of best practices, and migrated the system to LibGuides 2.0.
  • Assessed student learning through rubric-based formative assessments for undergraduate classes.
  • Designed information literacy sessions and provided research support to liaison areas and the VCU community in person and online.
  • Developed and participated in interdepartmental and university outreach events.

Virginia Commonwealth University and Library Committee Work and Engagement

Faculty Learning Community, From Guangzhou and Riyadh to Richmond: Supporting VCU’s International Students in Achieving Academic Wellness and Success. 2013 –2014. Engaged with faculty across campus to discuss issues surrounding international students. Participated in literature and idea exchanges, and worked to develop new initiatives to support international students.

Secretary, VCU Libraries’ Faculty Organization. 2013 – 2014. Assisted the chair and co-chair in planning and coordinating meetings across two campuses. Developed creative programs and projects to engage the faculty with each other and the greater VCU community.

Faculty Advisor. Auctus, The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship at VCU. 2012 – 2014. Work with other faculty advisors to support Auctus student staff and editors. Serve as advisor to the social sciences section.

VCU National Scholarship Campus Review Panels. 2012 – 2014. Serve on faculty panels to advise and assist candidates applying to national scholarships such as Fulbright, Boren, and Critical Language scholarships. As the library liaison to the National Scholarship Office, I help students develop techniques and use tools to gather up to date information to submit exceptional application essays.

Faculty Co-Mentor. VCU Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program. 2013. “Web Development of Auctus, The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship at VCU.” Guided and assisted students in the development of a new website, standards, and organizational system for Auctus.

VCU Library Web Redesign Task Force. 2012 – 2014. Worked with a team of library faculty and staff to conceptualize, design, organize and develop a new website for the VCU Libraries. Took a lead role in developing content for the services related information on the new site.