About Liz:

I grew up in the east suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, but realized I did not want to stay in the city forever.  I left home to attend college in Pennsylvania, and was even more excited to attend graduate school in North Carolina.  I hope to live in at least a few more different places and experience the wide variety of communities and cultures in the United States.  In September 2011, I embarked on a cross-country trip from Chapel Hill, NC to San Diego, CA.  The six day trip was an adventurous and wonderfully enjoyable time.  We made stops in Atlanta, GA, Mobile, AL, Biloxi, MS, New Orleans, LA, San Antonio, TX, El Paso, TX, and Tucson, AZ before hitting the Pacific Ocean.  I have never seen such beautiful and diverse landscapes, and encounter so many different foods, cultures, and regional language differences!  After a brief stint in San Diego following grad school, I moved to Richmond, VA for two years. Now, I’m living in and exploring Baltimore, MD.

I enjoy traveling, playing sports, watching movies, reading, and making scrapbooks.  In my spare time, I also enjoy researching my family history.  I’ve found mountains of genealogical records to sort through to trace my roots and learn more about my ancestors.  It’s an incredibly time consuming, but fun activity!

About this site:

This site is written by me, Liz Johns, and does not reflect the views of my current or former employers. This site covers both professional and personal areas of interest.

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