SLA Outstanding Innovative Programming Award

I am happy to announce that the UNC SLA student group won a Certificate of Merit from the SLA Student and Academic Affairs Council!  Read about it in UNC’s press release.

SLA award press release PDF


SLA Tour of Polk Correctional Facility

The opportunity to visit a prison library was incredibly eye-opening. I’ve seen movies like The Shawshank Redemption where the library is a wonderful place for prisoners to go and educate themselves, sometimes even earning a PhD., but such a task would not be possible in Polk Correctional Facility, or many others like it. Most of the books have a juvenile reading level, and the collection budget is incredibly small. The librarian has a constant struggle to manage a decent collection, with limited space, and precarious conditions. I’ve always thought of the library as a safe place, and even in a prison, the librarian tried to keep it that way, although at times, she admitted that it could be a struggle.