Annotated Bibliography Workshop

This week I held two online sessions for Ed.D. students on how to create an annotated bibliography.  The first session went really well, but I forgot to start recording until 20 minutes in!  I got the full recording of the second session, but there were twice as many people and it was a bit chaotic.  The first session, I was able to use two screens, so I could see and control my PPT in one screen, and see what I was sharing and watch the chat box in the second screen.  I was happy to have another librarian sit in on the session and monitor the chat box for me.  There were so many questions in the second session that I even had to ask them to slow down and hold off their questions for awhile.  It was also frustrating since they weren’t paying any attention to the chat box except to their own questions, and repeating each other’s inquiries quite a few times.  There were also so many basic questions, such as “how do I know if my article is peer-reviewed?” which I didn’t expect to get from a group of graduate level students.

Many of them also had trouble following directions!  I tried doing a group activity that worked well in the first session, but with twice as many students in the second, did not go as smoothly.  But overall, I think they went well and the students did seem to get a lot out of it.