Librarian Meme

One of my awesome colleagues showed us the meme she created, and inspired me to create my own.  Another of my awesome colleagues had the idea for me to have one with the word “librarian” around me head in a bunch of different languages since I am the librarian for international students.  I think I will at least use this on PPTs for intro classes, and possibly orientations for other groups as well.  Not sure yet if I will go so far as to posting it on a Libguide or printing it on a handout.  I tried making it the profile picture for my LibGuides for international students and ELP, but I can’t change the picture for those guides without changing it for all my guides.  I don’t think I want this on every single guide, but I thought it would be fun for those.  Perhaps LibGuides 2.0 will provide more flexibility?


This one is more for me so I don’t forget which word is in which language!  For both, too many words and different alphabets did not lend itself well to the bold colors and black-outlined white text of a traditional meme.



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