Quarter of a Century

I’ve finally hit the quarter-century mark.  Nothing really special happens when you turn 25, except that my car insurance will go down a little and now I can no longer say that I’m in my early twenties.  But with the help of my awesome friends, family, and my amazing boyfriend, I had a whole week of birthday activities.  On Saturday, we drove up to DC to meet up with my best friends from college.  We spent a few hours downtown having dinner, drinks, and just hanging out.  We had dinner at James Hoban on Dupont Circle, and continued our night at GBD, where we had some [surprisingly] reasonably priced drinks.

GBD - August


After a late night, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get up in time for Ron’s surprise birthday activity.  We had to leave by 8:30 am to go whitewater rafting with River City Rafting.



We had sacrificed brunch at Bistro 27 in order to go rafting, but we still had to use our Groupon, so we went for lunch the next day.  It was a pretty good meal, but definitely overpriced.  It was good enough for me to still want to try out their brunch.  On my actual birthday, I spent most of the day helping Tri Sigma with Recruitment at VCU.  The women rocked recruitment, and even gave me a little paper plate award for being the “best birthday girl during recruitment.”  They were so sweet and even sung happy birthday to me at midnight, which was extra nice because I was up until 5am helping them create their lists for the next day!  That evening, I got out early and let the other advisors work on the lists while I had a birthday dinner with Ron at Mellow Mushroom in Carytown.  I had high hopes for some good pizza since I’ve never been to a Mellow Mushroom before.  Sadly, I was disappointed when our pizza came out burned, and most of the crust inedible.  I’m definitely still on the hunt for good pizza in Richmond.

After a disappointing dinner, I was hoping for at least a good slice of cake.  We went into Carytown Cupcakes, but none of them seemed appetizing – they were either beer flavored, vegan, or gluten free, and I just wanted a normal cupcake.  After looking a few other dessert menus in Carytown, we gave up and started home.  We had the same problem last year on my birthday – no one offers just a simple slice of delicious cake.  We had the idea to check out Tarrant’s and Capital Ale House.  Neither had cake, but I finally just settled on a chocolate and caramel brownie sundae from Capital Ale House.  It was good, but I still wish I could have just had a normal piece of cake on my birthday.

Turning 25 isn’t really that exciting, at least it wasn’t for me.  All it really means is that I’m getting old, and am no longer in that 18-24 age range, and am lumped into the same group as 45-year-olds for pretty much every type survey and data analysis.  The next “big” birthday is 30, and everyone knows it’s all down hill after that.  I’m going to have to really live it up the next five years!

Review of the James Hoban.

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Review of Mellow Mushroom.


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