National Scholarship Support Videos

Tomorrow the National Scholarship Office is holding an application writing workshop for people interested in applying for a Fulbright scholarship.  Along with the Writing Center, I attend these workshops and tell people how they can use the library and it’s resources to write a better application.  Unfortunately, I can’t attend tomorrow’s workshop because I’ll be on my way to Chicago to participate in ALA.  To at least provide a little bit of information, I made a video, quickly giving a preview of the information I would go over in person.  The video is just over 5 minutes, and I usually spend 20-30 minutes talking with the students, going over examples, and answering their questions.  So this is really just a preview, but there is no way I could make, or anyone could watch, a 20 minute video without being able to ask questions, and without me using their real examples.  Hopefully, the video and the handout will give them enough information to get started, and contact me for help later.  The staff at the NSO are really great in promoting the library, and I’ve gotten quite a few consultations already, so I don’t think my absence will be a huge detriment to my outreach efforts.

After making this video, I realized that I could easily trim it down to be applicable to the students who attend the info sessions in the fall.  The info sessions are much shorter, and I usually only get about 5 minutes to talk.  There are info sessions for specific scholarships, as well as general info sessions.  I think my shortened version of the video will work well for all of those, as well as the modified handout.


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