Bachelorette Party in Pittsburgh

I had a blast planning my best friend’s bachelorette party.  Since she lives in Pittsburgh, all the festivities are taking place there, which makes it a little challenging to plan.  But Pittsburgh has so many opportunities for a good time!  Robin’s sister-in-law and fellow bridesmaid, Amanda, was kind enough to lend us her home for the weekend.  Three cheers for saving money on lodging!  Her husband (Robin’s brother), was also kind enough to disappear for the weekend so we could have a complete girls-only weekend!  We started off the weekend with some pizza and beer at home, but then hurried off to pottery painting at Clay Cafe.  I had so much fun I’ve already found a place to do the same in Richmond!

The next morning we ushered everyone downtown to the Art Fest, and lunch at Primanti Bros.  I have to say that Primanti Bros. isn’t as good as Cleveland’s Panini’s, but Robin loved it and was pretty excited.  We all enjoyed looking at the art, and making Robin wear a silly balloon hat!

bachelorette party


After lunch and the Art Fest, we headed to Full Body Fitness for a pole dancing class.  It was much more difficult than I had anticipated!  We also learned the Wobble, so we were all ready when it came on while we were dancing later that night at Buckhead Saloon.  Before dancing, we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square.  The food and drinks left much to be desired, but you go to the Hard Rock for the novelty, not the food.  As one of the many bachelorette parties in attendance that evening, we participated in a bachelorette challenge!  Robin and I competed against other bachelorettes to be the first to tie a cherry stem in a knot.  I won, of course.

We really enjoyed Buckhead Saloon as our after-dinner venue.  It was a pretty large space, it wasn’t too hot, and there was a great variety of music.  But the best part?  A girls-only dancing stage.  No boys allowed!  We danced in the large crowd of women on stage and had a blast not worrying about men bothering us.  The bathrooms were clean and even had an attendant!  It was the perfect care-free, fun-filled evening.

It was an incredibly fun all-girls weekend!


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