ELP Written Communication Library Assignment

Many of the ELP assignments are problem-solution essays.  The students must identify a problem, and then find a solution.  Many of these essays are standard, five paragraph essays, but they need legitimate support to back up their claims.  These types of assignments are perfect for fitting into library instruction.  In this  essay the students had to choose a problem related to climate change.  I pulled some magazines for them to start with, and found some websites for them to try out.  We first had a quick discussion about finding information online – they had a pretty good handle on why they shouldn’t be using Wikipedia, and the various problems they could encounter when using Google.  I distributed a worksheet, and we went through it step by step along with the PPT below.  Once they all had good search strategies, I talked about how to use them online.  We went through the VCU Libraries Search, and a few different websites.  I gave them another handout to help them track their research, and start gathering information.  Using a combination of the magazines, and online resources, all students left with enough information to write their essays.  I think it was definitely one of my best ELP classes.


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