Carytown Craft Beer Festival

Carytown_beer_logoToday we went to the first annual Carytown Craft Beer Festival.  For it’s first year, it was alright, but they definitely need to make improvements.  The venue was far too small.  We arrived pretty early, and since we had purchased our tickets online, we didn’t have to wait in line to get in.  We got our souvenir beer glasses, and went right up to the first tent.  We hit the first three tents pretty quickly, standing in line for only a few minutes.  But then we took a break and hung out a tall table for a few minutes.  By the time we got into the next line, the place had filled up, and the lines were getting pretty long.

Since I’m not a huge fan of beer, I was giving my samples to RJJ since you could only get one at a time, and the lines were so long.  I really just wanted some water, which no one seemed to be serving.  I think it was a good idea, but there definitely needs to be some improvements.  It has potential to be a really great event in the future.  We had a really good time hanging out with friends and sampling the local brews.

Suggestions for next year:

  • Bigger venue!
  • Clear, distinct lines for beer tents, food, bathrooms.
  • More beer vendors!
  • More food vendors!carytown beer fest
  • They ran out of glasses, so that’s too bad for the people who didn’t come early.  The glasses also should have had a handle – glass cups, hot sun, lots of beer, black pavement meant quite a few people were dropping and breaking their glasses.  Alternatively, samples should have been given out in smaller, plastic, tasting cups.  One of the reasons the lines were so long was because it took awhile for the vendor to take the patron’s glass, fill it from the tap, and hand it back.  And all that happened after the vendor explained the options to every single person, because none of them thought to bring signs or even little tent cards with at least the names of their beers.
  • Provide water.  The website said that free water and soda would be available for people who purchased designated driver tickets, which had been sold at a discounted price (although not nearly discounted enough), but we couldn’t find anyone offering it.

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