Providing Library Outreach to Student Athletes

Puffer-Rothenberg, M. and Thomas, S.E.  (1999).  Providing Library Outreach to Student Athletes.  The Reference Librarian (67/68), 131-146.

Main takeaways and ideas:

  • One hour credit course for athletes only, UNIV 101.  Similar to what is already being done with international students.  Basically an intro to the university.

Something I didn’t like:

  • One of the VSU 101 sessions had them complete a library vocab exercise to help students become more familiar with library terms and jargon.  Why make the students learn something extra?  The library should be using vocabulary that can be easily understood, and doesn’t need further explanation.  This is a problem across most libraries across the country, but it really needs to be changed.  We should be making it easier to use the library, not more difficult.
  • They gave athletes cookies and soda at the end of a session.  Athletes don’t need or want cookies and soda, and may not even be allowed to have them!  These librarians still don’t really know much about their students.  And you thought it was worthwhile to even write that in your paper???

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