Recruitment Infractions

Sorority recruitment has lots of rules – some are pretty easy to understand (no drinking), others are a little more complicated (no contact).  I put together this presentation for the chapter to help them better understand the rules.  Unfortunately, we had a technology failure in the room, and I couldn’t use the presentation.  I was pretty excited about it because I was using Poll Everywhere, allowing the women to use their cell phones during the meeting.  But, luckily, I had a back up plan!  I had written a skit, full of all the things the women should not be doing.  After the skit, I had the women identify the infractions.  Once an infraction was identified, I called out numbers, which I had identified on my copy.  The woman with the sheet of paper with the corresponding number had to stand up, and read the rule that specifically addressed the infraction.  My own version of the Cephalonian Method.  Here you can see my power point (the slides with Xs are tied to Poll Everywhere, so you probably can’t read them), but I included the questions here as well.



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