March Madness Bracketology

Today RJJ and I decided to create our own little March Madness pool and just compete against each other.  RJJ may choose to join in some other brackets, but this is it for me.  One pool, one bracket, keeping it light and simple.


I made some tough decisions – watching my favorite teams lose is always tough, but I only put one of my favorites even into the final four.  I have Ohio State beating Iona, Iowa, Arizona and Gonzaga before falling to Louisville.  I’ve got UNC over Villanova, but they’ll probably lose to Kansas.  VCU will definitely beat Akron, but lost to Michigan in the next round.  I’ve got NCSU over Butler, but losing to my pick as the overall winner – Indiana.  Seems to make sense based on all the info I’ve read online.  We’ll see how it goes!

Here’s a fun map about fandom.  And of course, don’t forget to read about Nate Silver’s predictions.

For those of you not interested in basketball, Jezebel has created an alternative bracket for March Madness – this year, 80s vs. 90s.  As someone born in the late 80s, and spending my childhood in the 90s, I’m not sure which how I’m going to choose, but I’m guessing I’m going to end up picking mostly 90s things.  I’ll be posting my bracket as soon!


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