Review of Side Effects

A friend invited me to see the movie Side Effects Friday night.  I had never even heard of the film, but when I asked RJJ if he was interested, his response was, “A movie by Steven Soderbergh!  Uh, yeah!  Definitely.”  Steven Soderbergh?  Clearly, I’m not nearly as well versed in big names in the film industry as my friends.  It turned out to be an enjoyable film.  There were a few plot twists, some expected, some surprising, and overall an interesting snippet of the world of mental health and the drug industry.  However, there were a few things I didn’t particularly care for.  I felt the lesbian lover scenario was a bit overkill, and not entirely believable.  Also, the psychiatrist’s wife seemed to be completely unaware that she was married to a psychiatrist.  Her ignorance of psychiatry, failure to understand that her husband deals with people with mental illness, and unfair behavior seemed silly and unrealistic.

I would recommend saving the $10 and waiting until it comes out on Netflix or Redbox.


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