RJJ and I finally watched Argo, and if you were a fan of this movie, just stop reading now.  Honestly, I fell asleep about halfway through.  Yep.  It was probably partially due to the half a bottle of wine I drank during and after dinner, but still.  The Oscar winning best picture film should have kept me awake!  I don’t think it was very exciting, and of course, stickler for history that I am, I was more irritated by the historical inaccuracies than I was impressed by the screenwriting or anything else for which this movie earned acclaim.  Since I fell asleep, I had to watch the rest of it the next day.  While I did get slightly emotional at the end when the group finally crossed over the Iranian border, it wasn’t a tear jerker, and I don’t think the drama was really that intense.  Good thing I hadn’t watched this sooner and placed bets on the Academy Awards, because I would not have picked this one!


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