Heroes, Dead and Gone

This past summer, RJJ and I started watching Heroes on Netflix.  After so many months, we finally finished it!  But I have to admit, it was a long and painful journey.  The series should have ended at the close of the first season.  Season 2 was alright, 3 was a bit of a roller coaster ride, and 4, just painful.  While my favorite characters survived until the end, I was so disappointed in the series finale.  But, really, a disappointing end to a disappointing series is to be expected, I suppose.  There are few shows I give up on in the middle, and with only four seasons, I thought I could get through it.  I did, but it was sooooooo hard.  If you are interested in watching this show, just stop at the end of the first season.  You’ll be much happier, and won’t waste however many hours of your life on the remaining three.




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