As I’ve been doing consultations, I quickly found that the students needed a lot of the same info, and I was giving them information in basically the same format.  So to cut down on the time I spend with them, I created a consultation template.  I started off using Google Docs, because I thought it would be easy share with the student, and they could keep the digital copy to edit on their own.  But then I discovered that students don’t have access to Google drive through their VCU email.  (I think that’s really lame – students should be able to use Google Drive as a safe and easy way to store and access their schoolwork.)  So using a Google doc didn’t have the anticipated ease of sharing I thought it would.  Google docs didn’t have an “official” feel to them.  Not very snazzy or pretty.  That’s really not very important, but I figured I would give it a try in some other format.  So I created a new template using Publisher.   Much snazzier.  I could print this out and hand it to them, or convert it to PDF and email it.

But do I really need something that looks pretty?  More importantly, do the students?  No.  Additionally, Publisher format doesn’t allow for a lot of flexibility, I couldn’t edit it online from the consultation room, and I would have to convert it to PDF and email it, or just print it out – neither of which allow the student to really use it later.  So I switched back to Google Docs.  Still can’t share directly with the student via Drive, but I can have it open during the consultation so I and the student can take notes (the cool thing about the consultation room is that it has a big screen with two active keyboards and mice), and then I can just save it as a Word doc after the session.


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