ELP Written Communication 3

Today I had some of the best ELP sessions so far.  I was very nervous because I had taught for this instructor last semester, and felt like I had utterly failed.  I had never interacted with this program before, and hadn’t understood the needs of these students.  I had been confused because the instructor said that they were graduate level students, but the level of English, and potential lack of understanding of an American research library was throwing me for a loop.  This time, I felt like I knew what I was doing because I had learned so much.  My presentation is a pretty comprehensive view of what went on in the class.  With non-native English speakers, showing, is much more effective than simply telling, so I did rely heavily on the PPT.  But there was a section of time where I stopped and showed an example from the VCU Libraries Search, and at the end, gave them time to practice searching on their own.

After the first class, the instructor told me that he was glad to see that I was more comfortable with his students this semester and clearly had learned a lot since that first class.  He seemed really pleased with the information I was providing his students, and I think it was definitely more helpful for this group.


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