ELP Written Communication Class

Working with ELP classes has sometimes been challenging.  Today, I ended up disregarding my presentation, changing my example search topic on the spot, and following up with an email to the instructor with some resources that I hoped would be more helpful than what I had shown in class.

Here’s how it went:

  • Forces of nature prevented us from meeting before the class
  • Mistakenly thought it was a Level 3, but really was a level 2 (my fault)
    • There is a huge difference between level 2 and level 3, in understanding language and research
    • These students were SO not ready for what I had prepared.  I pretty much threw out my PPT completely.
  • Started with tour
  • Brief discussion of the tour.  Strong fascination with the idea of “free”
  • Talked about how and where to get help from a librarian
  • International Students guide
  • Skipped example research topic – too complicated for them.  They were doing something very simple – 5 paragraph essay comparing and contrasting “something” about art.  Could be as broad as comparing sculpture to painting, or rock music to pop music.
  • Talked about how and when to use Google and Wikipedia
    • Passed around Wikipedia article – over their heads for the most part, I think.  Tried to get across the point that everything they read on the internet isn’t always true.
  • Introduced art research guides
  • Let them search on their own
  • Main problem was that their topics were too broad (see above).  I wasn’t prepared for how elementary their research skills were.

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