Learning about the ELP

Today I met with an administrator in the English Language Program to learn more about the program, and brainstorm ways the students can be more engaged with the library.

Some challenges for ELP students:

  • Cultural differences about plagiarism and different understandings of academic honesty
  • Reading comprehension
  • Research
    • Evaluating and choosing appropriate sources
    • Level of English not high enough to understand, and be able to get through an entire academic, scholarly level article.

Some ideas that came out of the meeting:

  • Attend ELP orientations to be introduced to new students
  • Focus on working with Written Communication classes in levels 2 and 3
  • Hold special tours for ELP students
  • Offer a series of basic research workshops open to all international students

Who is our target audience?

  • Students in the ELP
  • Recent ELP grads who matriculated into VCU – mostly freshmen
  • New international students coming for a semester or year abroad


I’m excited to see how this will pan out and how I can get more connected with international students next semester!


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