Database of the Week: ABELL

Keyword search for Edgar Allan Poe – found plenty of results about his work.

Author Search – immediately found Poe, pretty cool author pages.

  • photograph, birth/death dates, active literary periods and movements, nationality.
  • texts by the author, including a keyword and title search within the texts
  • resources – criticism, bibliography, biography, ref works, websites, etc.
  • Can save a permanent URL, save to your personal account, or even get alerts about the author.

Author Index – browse by period, nationality, literary movement, ethnicity, gender.  Perfect for English students trying to find an author that fits particular criteria.

  • Provides pretty good scope notes, to help the user know exactly how authors are classified.  For example, “British,” includes all English, Welsh and Scottish authors, regardless of whether Great Britain or the United Kingdom existed as a nation at the time in which they lived. Does not include Irish writers, except for those with a definite connection with Britain; for example, writers who were born, educated, or spent a substantial part of their literary careers in the British mainland or United Kingdom.



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