Video Updates

Video 1 is up! 

I got a little behind on the videos because the first week of the Web Redesign Task Force took up a lot more time than I expected.  Video 2 is almost done, and I expect to tackle Video 3 next week.  After that, I want to delete some obsolete videos, four of which can be immediate candidates.  They either deal with the old catalog, or the old website, and are just completely not helpful anymore, and possibly confusing if they are viewed, because you can’t actually do what’s being taught in the videos!  When I brought them up at the IS Team meeting today, everyone was supportive of the four proposed.  I’ll send out an email to the full RIS department, and the two TML librarians who are currently using the videos, to see if they have any objections.  After all this, I’ll start looking at the big picture, and figuring out where we want to go with our eLearning program.


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