Ideas for Faculty Outreach and a Writing Center Partnership

After meeting with the writing center, the undergraduate team and the writing center decided that we could try to partner more effectively to reach out to faculty.  If we can help faculty understand who we both are and what we do, hopefully students will be more likely to figure it out, and ask us for help!  We met with one of the RIS librarians who works more with faculty, to discuss some possibilities.  We already have a faculty guide on LibGuides – but I question how accessible that information is to faculty.  Do they use it?  Do they even know it’s there?  I think a lot of good information is hidden in LibGuides, but that’s a thought for another time.

I thought perhaps we could partner with the Center for Teaching Excellence, to either offer a session through them, or with them, to reach out to faculty.  Perhaps a brown bag where we just do some updates on what we have and what we can do for faculty.  We could coordinate with the writing center to talk to faculty about how research and writing work together, and the library and the writing center can be partners in the success of both faculty and students.


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