Work Plan

My work plan is just about done.  I have quite a few goals for the next year, mainly focusing on support of undergraduate research through instruction and outreach.  My goals, broadly defined are as follows:

  • Support undergraduate research.
  • Develop comprehensive suite of online learning tools to support student research and information literacy skills.
  • Serve as library liaison to VCU’s Honors College.
  • Provide support for International Students and Global Education Programming.
  • Provide support for the development and implementation of teaching and outreach.
  • Provide high quality reference services and in-depth research assistance to VCU students, faculty, and staff via the reference desk, e-mail, research consultations, chat, as well as any other modes of communication for reference that might be implemented at VCUL.
  • Engage in scholarship pertaining to instruction, assessment, and/or student learning.
  • Continue active memberships in professional organizations pertinent to my position and interests and identify new organizations, if any, in which to become involved.
  • Pursue additional training in librarianship and/or technology as necessary to maintain and improve skills, with an emphasis on library instruction and use of instructional technologies.
  • Continue service activities to VCU and VCUL.

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