Liaison to National Scholarship Office

Part of my job entails serving as the liaison to the National Scholarship Office (NSO). I’m currently serving on two panels to review and provide assistance to VCU students applying for Fulbright scholarships. So far it’s been a great way to meet other members of the VCU faculty, learn more about VCU student research interests, and help students become stronger applicants. As a librarian on these panels, I have unique insights into the type of research students can slip into their applications, and support them by helping them actually find that research. I’ve already got a consultation scheduled with one of these students!

I’m also attending the various scholarship info sessions put on by the NSO, and giving brief introductions to how the library can help students with their applications. Some scholarships require that the students apply to work in a specific country, or with a particular culture, and I can help them find more information about these places and people to help them get a better understand of what they might be getting themselves into. Additionally, I can also help them find information specifically on their research project, to strengthen their arguments for why their research might be important. It’s been very fun, and it’s great knowing that this work is directly and immediately impacting students in very real ways.


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