New Job!

This is my third week as an Undergraduate Research Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University – and so far I’m loving it. My first week was mostly getting oriented to James Branch Cabell Library (JBC), VCU, and Richmond.  A lot of tours, a lot of meetings, a lot of people who’s names I couldn’t quite get all straight! I sat in on a few classes, learned “how things work” at JBC, and started figuring out how to be a “real adult” for the first time. The people here have been fantastic – welcoming, friendly, and interested in learning about me and helping me succeed. Basically the same feel I got from my interview back in July. And I have to say, I didn’t get that feel from most of the other places I interviewed. The faculty and staff here truly seem excited to have a new member of their team. And that makes me even more excited to be here!


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