Jewelry Board

It was time for a nice way to store my jewelry. I bought a 12×12 board, wood molding, and some paint. It took me three tries to paint the board the way I wanted it, but I think it ended up with a nice pattern. The molding was the toughest part. I bought a 6′ piece and a 4′ piece from Home Depot and had to cut four pieces the same size, and the right angle in order to fit the mouling together around the board. Once the pieces were cut correctly, I attempted to use wood glue to attach the molding. It didn’t hold, and I had to nail the molding to the board, which ended up leaving nails poking out the back. Which led to a trip to Michael’s to find some type of backing to protect myself, and the wall the board will hang on. Then the challenge of finding a way to hang the board on the wall in a way that wouldn’t pull the molding off. So after attaching the protective backing, I had to cut holes in the backing in order to attach the picture hooks to the board, instead of the frame. So far so good!


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