Mystery Box 2: Garbanzo Beans

For some unknown reason, Ron had THREE cans of garbanzo beans. Which he does not like. At all. I tried to put them in a salad once, and he refused to eat them. So why does he have them? “In case there’s some type of emergency and we need canned food.” Apparently this also applies to the sardines and canned tuna hiding in the back of the cupboard. I tried to explain to him that I would probably just as soon eat him before I ate sardines and tuna, so we might as well stock up with decent canned food if he really felt the need.

Anyway, I had to get rid of the garbanzo beans, so I appealed to Facebook friends for ideas. A fellow Tri Sigma gave me the idea for this crunchy snack. I used another can for a spicy, tahini free hummus.

Crunchy chick peas – similar to corn nuts

Roasted chickpeas – toss with 1T olive oil and your favorite seasoning (recommend taco seasoning or Old Bay) bake in oven at 350 for 40 minutes. They come out as a crunchy corn-nuts like snack. I used Old Bay, and tossed in some of those leftover pimentos.


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