Kitchen Sink Quiche

Ron somehow acquired a completely random assortment of canned vegetables I would never cook with. After seeing them in the cupboard for awhile, I decided I needed to get rid of them somehow. So I came up with my own version of Master Chef’s Mystery Box Challenge. For those of you unfamiliar, Master Chef is a competitive cooking show that pits home cooks against each other for a monetary prize, their own cookbook, and the chance of job offers in prestigious restaurants. One event of the show is a “Mystery Box Challenge”, where contestants have a certain amount of time to cook a dish using a mystery ingredient. My “mystery ingredients” were diced pimentos, and canned zucchini and tomatoes. After checking the pantry, I decided to make a quiche. I’ve never made a quiche before, but used my apple pie crust recipe from the week before to make a crust, and just threw some things together. Three eggs, a small bit of leftover heavy whipping cream (Ok, I didn’t say this was healthy), diced pimentos, the zucchini and tomatoes, cheese, and canned corn.


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