Practice, Practice, Practice

Today I co-taught two Composition 110 classes with Kim Duckett. Kim conducted the first 25 minutes of each class, providing the students with an introduction to the library and its services. For the second half of each class, I demonstrated how to find the resources Kim described. For the first part, I showed how to use the catalog. I began with an exercise of choosing keywords, and then plugging them into the catalog. I showed the various aspects of the catalog, taught how to narrow down results, and request books. I did basically the same thing with article searching, just showing a basic search using Summon. The students in these classes do not have to do a lot of in-depth scholarly research for their speech-writing assignments, and just needed some basic knowledge. See the attached lesson plan for the notes I used to guide me during the session. I actually ended up not even referring to them, because I was very comfortable with the material. The ideas and processes I taught are things I teach every time I’m on the reference desk, and just had to adjust myself to the new space in the classroom with multiple students, rather than instructing a single student at the desk.


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