Intern Orientation

ALA Midwinter 2012. At the intern orientation I had the opportunity to meet some of the other people involved in the Committee Intern Program. We got a basic overview and introduction to the program, learned about the structure of ALA, Council, and various committees, and heard from past interns as well as both the ALA President and ALA President Elect. I discovered that I was one of the few interns on a committee that work year-round, and was the only intern who has been extensively involved in committee work since our appointments began last July. I found that most of the information given at this orientation would have been more helpful six months ago, but it seems that most interns did not need it then. I did let the program coordinators know about this, and they said they would take this into consideration for future interns. They had some great information, I just would have liked it a little sooner!

The intern program is a two year appointment to a committee. Eligible candidates are those who have never previously served on an ALA committee. So far, it has been a great way for me to meet other librarians, learn more about the ALA, and participate in discussions and programs related to libraries and legislation. I’m really looking forward to continuing this appointment, and continuing to be active in ALA.


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