Using Elluminate as a Virtual Classroom

This week I experimented with Elluminate, a Blackboard platform that allows multiple people to engage in a virtual classroom. I started off by watching some training videos on the Elluminate website, and practicing in the interface with Kim. A few days later, I was able to observe a session Kim conducted for an advanced education class. She taught some basic research skills, as well as Boolean searching to assist the students in finding good research for their projects. Kim, as the moderator, was the only one who used audio, although students in the class could have participated by using their own microphones. Students instead participated by answering Kim’s questions through the chat box, checking boxes for answering polls, and virtually raised their hands when they had a question. Kim utilized multiple features of Elluminate, importing PowerPoint slides with key points and ideas as well as using it as a sort of virtual chalkboard, taking notes of the students suggestions. She also used the web browse feature, which allowed her to demonstrate parts of the NSCU library website and Google Scholar, sharing her screen with the class. This observation for me was in preparation for the coming weeks, when I will co-teach in these sessions with Kim.


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