The Digital Divide

I attended a talk by Jessamyn West, where she discussed the “digital divide.” Guess what? Not everyone in America has Internet access! Of course, I knew that, but West had explored who doesn’t have Internet, where they don’t have it, and why they don’t have it. The results were pretty interesting. It turns out, that although this wasn’t the case 5-10 years ago, most people who do not have internet in the United States today don’t have it because they don’t want it, rather than because they can’t get it. Granted, there are still plenty of people who desire internet who are unable to access it due to their geographic region, but due to technological advances in the way the Internet has developed over the past few years, most people who want it, can access it somehow. West displayed various maps showing Internet access around the nation, and it was interesting to see where people had virtually no access issues, compared to where access wasn’t even possible. Additionally, age also played a factor in access, the largest connected group being the 25-40(ish) range.


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