Digitization Equipment 1: Zeutschel

I’ll take the opportunity in my journal to describe the various pieces of digitization equipment and how we use them at the NCDHC. Today, I’ll discuss the Zeutschel. The Zeutschel is a high-quality scanner that can digitize both flat papers, and books. It is highly beneficial for the use of books because it allows for optimum quality, with no damage to the material. The bed of the machine can be adjusted to allow a book to lay flat without damaging the binding. The book is placed in the middle of the bed, and the two halves of the bed can be adjusted up and down to support the book, laying flat, without bending the spine. The NCDHC sometimes uses this feature to digitize oversize yearbooks, programs, or other books.

This machinery can also be used to scan individual documents. Such a task can be done on a flatbed scanner, but the process is much faster on the Zeutschel, and with its companion software, Omniscan. The software can automatically detect the edge of a document, crop it, and straighten it, all at once, with no additional work by an employee. This allows for extremely fast digitization, and processing is a breeze. The equipment can obtain color, black and white, and gray scale, and can even capture multiple images at once. You can place two documents on the bed, make one scan, and the software can automatically split the frame for you. It makes scanning large amounts of paper much easier and faster than a traditional flatbed if the material is not qualified for scanning on the high-speed Fujitsu.

The image to the left is a similar model to the machines in the DPC.


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