Cumberland County Tax Lists

We recently received materials from Cumberland County Public Library. The materials are tax lists from the 1920s and 1930s, and we are going to digitize and host the materials online. The lists are divided into ten volumes, organized alphabetically by year. My first task was to examine the materials, and look for anything that may affect the digitization process, and recommend a method. We have various options for digitizing the papers, but for these materials, we needed to determine whether to use the Zeutschel scanner, or faster Fujitsu feeder. The pages are able to be removed from the binder, and as they are 8 1/2 by 11 sheets, and in good condition, they are candidates for the Fujitsu. However, further examination of the tax lists revealed that most of them are packets, connected at the seam, and therefore unable to be fed through the fast action Fujitsu, which would tear them apart. The next best option is to use the Zeutschel, which allows the materials to lay flat, held in place by a plate of glass. I experimented scanning about 50 pages, half in gray scale, and half in color. Although scanning in color did not increase scan or processing time, it was ultimately decided to scan in grayscale, mostly because the tax lists are all just template pages, with the unique information handwritten. There was determined to be no benefit for the color images, but the grayscale images could be stored at a much smaller size.


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